Spotlight: SunTrust Bank


# of Projects Total: 150+ branches
Project Team for the Purcellville, VA Branch:


SunTrust wanted to standardize a high-efficiency HVAC solution and decided that all of its new branches as well as certain existing locations would have Mitsubishi Electric VRF. The plan included working on 4 – 6 projects per month.

Project Team Setup:

SunTrust chose not to buy equipment directly through us but through a traditional distribution channel – in this case, Aireco APG. Once I got the product specifications and HVAC designs together, I then became their single-source contact for ensuring the project was running smoothly. SunTrust’s facility management partner, Lincoln Harris, was responsible for executing the work.

Once the general contractors were asked to provide a bid and saw Mitsubishi Electric was specified for the job, we needed to pull three to four mechanical contractors in the appropriate business units. We spoke with our area and regional managers and they recommended several qualified contractors for selection. For this project, we specifically chose HVAC contractors who understand our product and the extended 10-year warranty of the equipment.

While the sales process for these types of projects are long-term, VRF is relatively young in this country. The National Account Program helps brands understand and ultimately embrace the technology on a wide scale.