Providing Innovative Building Management

Commercial buildings feature a variety of mechanical systems – HVAC, lighting, elevators, sprinklers, domestic hot water and more. The building owners and facility managers who operate and monitor these systems face exhausting work – interacting with as many controllers as there are mechanical systems. However, today’s advanced building integration makes an owner or manager’s job easier and more effective by replacing numerous separate controllers with one centralized control system. But, unfortunately, not all centralized control systems are created equally. Simply, the control systems centered around today’s HVAC systems, like Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology, have the most impact. Therefore, more efficient management happens when an HVAC manufacturer offers a centralized control system.

Facility managers who choose to integrate with a manufacturer are on the forefront as it’s the newest style of integration, and at this point, only some manufacturers are offering this service. Those who choose it do so as a means of controlling their building(s) more efficiently from an energy standpoint, as well as the general advantage of having a full, advanced integration. And because you have a single provider of both the building management system and VRF equipment, you have a single point of contact who can provide professional service every step of the way.


This ‘ultimate’ is a reality, with the Diamond Controls™ solutions (Diamond Controls) from Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating (Mitsubishi Electric). If you’re looking for a controls solution for your next project, here’s a deeper explanation as to why we here at the Advanced Products Group (APG), a division of Aireco Supply, Inc., have chosen to use Diamond Controls.

Diamond Controls pairs building automation controls with professional service. The controls come in the form of the DC-600E™ Controller, featuring top-of-the-line software that offers owners and managers an unprecedented level of control over the whole building. The service comes in the form of Mitsubishi Electric’s Controls Solutions group. The Controls Solutions group covers every relevant service, from the initial system design to post-installation follow-up support. The combination of advanced controls and robust service ensures that building owners and facility managers make the most of their budgets and time.



The benefits of Diamond Controls include:

  • Efficiency Gain. Managing VRF technology through Diamond Controls maximizes energy efficiency. The system comes with built-in sensors to gauge current operating conditions and adjust accordingly. The system can also integrate with third-party mechanical systems and other automated systems, adding yet another level of efficiency and supporting better overall facility management.
  • Saves Time and Money. Owners and managers can modify cooling or heating settings, shut off lights, turn off water features, etc. all around their facility’s optimal schedule. The system can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, through an easy-to-use Web browser on computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Better Maintenance. Owners and managers can understand their facility’s operating conditions, such as when a filter needs changing or a piece of equipment malfunctions, through the controls’ high-resolution 3-D interface. The interface displays notifications, real-time trends, reports and analyses.
  • Available Assistance. Working with one company for both the product and service also removes frustrations associated with integrating building systems. VRF-specific sequences and programming for personalized occupant comfort and efficiency are included with Diamond Controls, removing the risk of an independent controls integrator completing expensive and possibly ineffectual programming.


Doug Pine, controls engineer, Mitsubishi Electric, said, “Diamond Controls is a sole source for everything, and one of the main benefits is that there’s a single point of contact. You can easily get help from Mitsubishi Electric. It’s a huge benefit for an owner because if anything happens, he knows who to contact and it eliminates finger pointing.”

Diamond Controls provides building owners and facility managers with a means of efficient operation. With a superior building management system and premier service, it results in impressive cost savings, efficiency gains and personalized comfort improvements.