Introducing the Belimo Energy Valve

The Belimo Energy Valve is the latest addition to our Advanced Products Group (APG) family. At APG, we are proud to offer our customers innovative technologies that make your job easier and provide efficient operation. Read below to learn how the Belimo Energy Valve can do just that!

Low Delta T Syndrome
Low Delta T syndrome occurs when the difference between supply and return chilled water temperatures across an Air Handling Unit (AHU) coil is less than the intended design specifications, sending low temperature return water to the chiller.

Causes of Low T Syndrome
Low Delta T has many causes including coil degradation, oversizing of pumps and valves or lack of dynamic balancing. Whatever the cause, the outcome is a poor-performing HVAC system that does not operate as it was designed.

Effects of Low Delta T Syndrome
When there is a call for more cooling, the valve at the air handler opens farther in a wasteful effort to achieve control settings. This occurrence can go on for years undetected and it often results in the inefficient use of chillers and pumps. This means years of wasted energy, years of wasted water and years of wasted money and resources for a building owner. These costly inefficiencies affect building occupants and have a negative impact on the environment.

The Solution
The Belimo Energy Valve is the solution. The built-in Belimo Delta T Manager™ continuously measures the differential temperature between the supply and return water across the valve and compares it to the desired Delta T setpoint. If the actual Delta T drops below the setpoint, the valve readjusts itself to improve performance. The Belimo Energy Valve is a smart IoT device with built-in BACnet capability providing real-time data and diagnostics. It has the ability to record different data points over 13 months and for its lifetime if connected to the Cloud. With ultrasonic flow measurement and Belimo’s patented glycol meter built in, the Energy Valve redefines the term “Smart Valve.”

In the Field
An AHU at a technology facility utilizing the Belimo Energy Valve with their Delta T Manager was able to increase the Delta T from 6°F to 15°F and used 2.5 times less water than a conventional control valve to achieve 60 tons of cooling capacity. Both the diagnostic and prognostic capabilities of the Belimo Energy Valve proved to be extremely useful for ensuring high performance and meeting strategic energy goals.
To find out more about the features and benefits of Belimo’s Energy Valve you can schedule a lunch and learn with us (CEU’s available) or visit Belimo’s website.