Cost-Effective and Efficient Ventilation of School Settings

With ever-increasing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) requirements for educational facilities, finding the right ventilation equipment can be a challenge, particularly when schools request systems that provide maximum comfort with low-energy costs. At APG, we are proud to offer products such as Mitsubishi Electric’s PremiSys® Fusion Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) that mitigate these challenges easily.

PremiSys Fusion is a smart solution when a relatively large amount of outside air is required. It is designed to handle up to 100 percent outside air with optional energy recovery. The units are pre-engineered to provide semi-custom flexibility. They are also 20 percent more efficient than traditional DOAS units — providing payback up to 1.5 years sooner and points toward LEED® certification. Unlike a traditional DOAS that provides cooler-than-needed temperatures, PremiSys Fusion offers room-neutral conditions. For your next school or university project consider specifying PremiSys Fusion – the solution that effectively improves IAQ, allows for design flexibility and operates efficiently.

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