We’re Thankful for Our Employees!

With the holidays around the corner, it’s a great time to give thanks for the people who make a difference in our everyday lives. This Thanksgiving, all of us at Aireco Advanced Products Group (APG) are especially grateful for our colleagues. Their tireless work and dedication not only make us better as a team, but produce all-around better projects for our customers.

In particular, we’d like to recognize one individual who is essential to Aireco and the work we do: William Warner.

Better known around here and on the job site as “Bill,” William Warner is a founding member of our APG team and is part of our Diamond Service Group (DSG). Since the late 70s, Bill has been involved in the HVAC and refrigeration industries, holding senior management positions with Booth Refrigeration, Baker Distributing and Watsco before joining Aireco in 2006. Prior to that, he joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1977 and served in the Reserve through 1985. In his current role as a Sales Engineer, he works with clients from concept to commissioning, offering architects, engineers, developers and contractors his expertise when it comes to equipment selection, design, the bid process and start-up. He’s a man of many hats!

As he tells his kids, “you always have to find the fun in life!” Fortunately for us, Bill is the guy that brings the fun to work and each jobsite. He’s also very passionate about technology. A self-proclaimed “science and technology geek,” he says the technology behind the HVAC field has given him “a second wind” in his career. “The field is constantly evolving. I love working in such a technical field alongside the engineering and architectural communities,” says Bill.

As a family-run business, we love seeing our employee’s family members join the team. Bill’s daughter Diana started working at APG as a Bid Coordinator after graduating from Radford University in 2014. This dynamic duo works together to ensure no communication is lost with our customers and project logistics are squared away. Lucky for us, the pair really enjoy working together. “I talk to daddy every day. I don’t just get to work with him, I get to learn from him which is great on the job,” says Diana. “And he makes it fun – we’re a daddy/daughter team!”

When he’s not working, Bill loves spending time with his wife Cathy and two kids, Diana and Alex (who’s an active duty Navy SEAL), enjoying “lake leisure” at Smith Mountain Lake, as well as reading about global events and foreign policy. We’re so thankful Bill is a part of the Aireco family!

Wishing all a safe and happy Thanksgiving! 

Product Updates from METUS

Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US (METUS) has some exciting new products updates we want to keep our customers apprised of, especially with the colder winter temperatures. Contact APG@aireco.com to learn more!

New Panel Heaters for CITY MULTI® N-Generation Outdoor Units
Now available for order, these panel heater kits prevent ice from building up on the outdoor drain pan when operating in heating mode for an extended period of time. Compatible with all Standard Efficiency, High-Efficiency and Hyper-Heating INVERTER® (H2i®) CITY MULTI N-Generation outdoor units, the heaters are available in three sizes: small, large and extra-large.

New Snow/Hail Guards and Hood Accessories Now Available for CITY MULTI Outdoor Units
The new snow/hail guard kits protect the outdoor unit fan and coil surfaces from hail damage and snow build-up in severe climates. The kits are compatible with all Standard Efficiency, High Efficiency, and H2i CITY MULTI N-Generation outdoor units. There are two hood sizes and three different types of guards available – options for any application.

For both accessories, the installation manual and submittals can be found on MyLinkDrive.

Diamond System Builder™ Update Version 4.1.3
As of November 1, the new version of Diamond System Builder was released. Key features include:

  • Compatibility of PURY-P120(T/Y)NU-A and PEFY-AF1200CFMR-E DOAS system added
  • Introduction of MAC-334IF-E and improved application rules for M- and P-Series units
  • Improved submittal association for M- and P-Series units
  • Introduction of cloud-connected central controller accessory panel for Mitsubishi Electric VRF and third-party equipment
  • LAN view reintroduction and support of AutoCAD schematic export
  • Support of Trane® and American Standard® co-branded literature
  • Option to include Solutions Department startup verbiage on Excel schedule
  • Indoor unit project-specific condensate removal calculation added to Excel schedule
  • DSB handbook updated