Ventilation and Building Automation Products from Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating is known for its high-performance Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems, but they also provide top-of-the-line ventilation equipment and controls as well. At Advanced Products Group (APG), we have hands-on experience specifying and designing with these products in mind and can speak to their effectiveness and superior performance.

Lossnay® Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV)

ERVs recover energy from stale exhaust air to preheat or precool incoming outside air. This is an energy-efficient way to precondition fresh air as it enters a building and reduce its impact on heating and cooling loads. The Lossnay ERV uses a cross-flow energy exchange core to prevent inbound air and exhaust air from mixing while crossing airflows.

  • Fully compatible with the Mitsubishi Electric AE-200A, AE-50A, and EW-50A Centralized Controllers
  • Compliant with LonWorks® and BACnet® interfaces
  • Additional dampers and adapters are not needed. Automatic mode allows the system to select recovery or bypass as required
  • Multi-functional LCD Remote Controller has a streamlined interface and can easily control Lossnay modes, fan speed and interlock operations.

PremiSys® Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) Family

PremiSys and PremiSys Fusion are premier solutions for conditioning outside air for commercial buildings. Designed to handle 100% of outdoor air with optional energy recovery, these systems offer premium features ideal for handling ventilation air in VRF applications.

  • A factory-mounted variable frequency drive (VFD) for supply air volume control and an onboard microprocessor system allow for better temperature and humidity control
  • Pre-engineered features provide semi-custom flexibility while maintaining the quality, consistency and value of the product
  • PremiSys systems allow you to take advantage of a split-system design and improve application flexibility
  • Multiple filter options available including MERV 8, 13 or a combination MERV 8/13

Diamond Controls™ Solutions

Diamond Controls is designed to streamline facility management and provides unprecedented levels of control over individual buildings and multiple buildings, whether located on a single site or across multiple locations. With VRF systems being specified in both new construction and retrofit projects, it’s likely you’ll need a building automation system that can handle all types of equipment. With Diamond Controls, you can integrate multiple mechanical systems, regardless of manufacturer, into a single interface.

  • Optimize efficiency through scheduling to maximize a building’s performance and minimize energy usage
  • With remote access and control, facility monitoring is remarkably simple. Use a laptop or tablet to manage comfort from anywhere
  • Diamond Controls software is secure, customizable, upgradable and scalable for your project’s needs. Advanced authentication ensures safety
  • New Diamond Controls Advanced Integration Panels offer custom application solutions within a pre-engineered panel

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VRF for Bon Secours’ Marian Hall

Officially established in the U.S. in 1881, Bon Secours Retreat and Conference Center, of Marriottsville, Maryland, is a ministry of the Sisters of Bon Secours (Bon Secours). Since 1824, when Bon Secours was founded in Paris, the Sisters have helped those in need and offered compassionate care to their community.

Guests of the sprawling center which sits on 313 acres of land, visit for spiritual direction, retreats with their church or organization, writing or personal reflection. The main building has a variety of conference spaces and meeting rooms as well as 70 individual overnight rooms. In 2015, APG retrofitted the conference center with CITY MULTI® VRF technology from Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating. Bon Secours was so impressed that for its next endeavor, Marian Hall (a retirement and assisted living center for the Sisters), CITY MULTI was their first choice, with Fidelity Mechanical Services serving as the installing contractor.

What is the purpose of the Marian Hall building and what requirements did Bon Secours have?

The Marian Hall project is a retrofit of an existing space. The idea is that the Sisters want to take care of each other into their older years. The building has a healthcare area, common areas, standard living space, an industrial kitchen and amenities like a hair salon. It’s a self-contained community with both independent and assisted living portions.

As for their requirements, they wanted supreme comfort for the residents, individual zone control and the ability for Marian Hall’s HVAC system to tie in to the front end controls part of the conference center. Comfort and easy operations were critical to this project.

Why was Mitsubishi Electric VRF favored for this job?

There are several reasons why Mitsubishi Electric stood out. When Bon Secours was doing the initial renovation back in 2015, they actually looked at other third-party brands such as Daikin. Ultimately, the two-pipe design and comprehensive support made them choose Mitsubishi Electric. They had been very happy with the Diamond Controls Solutions platform, VRF performance and support they received from us at APG and Mitsubishi Electric. Doug Pine and Dan Wineke of Mitsubishi Electric were both central to that job. Honestly, we’ve been told the building engineer didn’t even consider any other brands for Marian Hall.

In addition, rebates were also a big component for their system selection. The Sisters wanted economical operating costs and to maximize their rebate with the local utility provider, Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BG&E). In this scenario, the total rebate is based on the pressure taken off of the electric grid. The more energy-efficient systems installed, the more the dollar amount goes up. I’ve been told Bon Secours received a six-figure rebate for this project.

For such a diverse space, what ventilation equipment was selected?

Marian Hall has a PremiSys DOAS unit to bring in lots of fresh, outside air. There’s a minimum standard ventilation code required by the state. That said, Bon Secours really loved that the DOAS communicates directly with the VRF equipment and integrates within the Diamond Controls platform. With so many different areas in Marian Hall (there’s 28 cooling and heating zones), the precise control of each system was a big selling point.

METUS Equipment Installed for Marian Hall:

  • (2) H2i® R2-Series Heat Recovery Outdoor Units
  • (7) PLFY Four-Way Ceiling Cassettes
  • (1) PMFY One-Way Ceiling Cassette
  • (19) PFFY Floor-Mounted Indoor Units
  • (24) Simple MA Remote Controllers
  • (1) AE-200A Centralized Controller

(1) PremiSys DOAS Rooftop Unit