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From Historic Home to Restaurant: Northside Social

Built in the 18th Century, the historic Cloverdale House in Falls Church is now home to the second location of Northside Social, a coffeehouse and wine bar. A small space, with three levels and an industrial kitchen, the building needed a system that was unobtrusive, so the ownership could maximize the dining areas. DeMent’s Mechanical Corporation, the mechanical contractor, worked with Aireco’s Advanced Products Group (APG) to specify CITY MULTI® from Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US (METUS). Below, you’ll hear from Doug DeMent and APG’s Brian Maddrey on the job and technical support.

Why was Mitsubishi Electric VRF specified? 

DD: This is a very special project. Originally Panasonic was specified but we made the decision to specify Mitsubishi Electric equipment. At DeMent’s, we only work on restaurants. And if we specify VRF for a restaurant, we always choose CITY MULTI. I’m very familiar with Mitsubishi products as well as APG. We enjoy working with them both very much.

What specific equipment was installed?

DD: For this scenario, we selected the PURY R2-Series Heat Recovery system. These were ideal because of the distance the refrigeration lines had to run. Secondly, this is an old house; there was absolutely no space for a rooftop structure on top. In addition, we installed the AE-200A for full control of the system as well as wall-mounted remote sensors. APG did the start-up and configuration of the controls system.

Why was Mitsubishi Electric the right system for this job?

BM: Ultimately, Mitsubishi Electric was the right system for the space’s tonnage requirements and it’s a much easier system to install and use compared to other brands. With the energy recovery units, the system has the ability to heat and cool off the same outdoor unit on any indoor unit. In addition, our system is the only system that can operate with two pipes. Our competitors use three which increases the amount of copper piping needed, upping costs.

How does APG provide technical support?

DD: As far as setting up times, being punctual and reliable, APG is always there ready to support. They also worked directly with Matt Fields, the project’s superintendent.

BM: DeMent’s is a very qualified and experienced Mitsubishi Electric VRF contractor. That said, per APG’s commitment to our customers and Mitsubishi Electric’s high standards, we conduct a walk through during each project’s install to answer any questions or assist with technical issues. This provides our end user with the highest-quality installation possible, preventing callbacks. We have a checklist for startup that the contractor has to fill out that includes quality markers for addressing of the units, checking the refrigerant amount, and so on. We also offer building owners training on how to take care of their system and how to use the controls effectively as well as programming. We’re very involved from start to finish.

METUS Equipment Installed:

  • (1) PURY-P240TSKMU-A: R2-Series Outdoor Unit
  • (5) PEFY-PNMAU-E3: Ceiling-Concealed Ducted Indoor Units
  • (5) PAC-YT53CRAU-J: Simple MA Remote Controllers
  • (1) AE-200A: Centralized Controller