APG: Partnering with Local Counties

At Advanced Products Group (APG), we strive to be your trusted guide through any project, large or small. That’s why many of our customers have found success partnering with us at the county level. Often, facilities teams have more than just HVAC to work on – electrical, plumbing, carpentry and more also demand time and energy. With a county-wide partnership, we offer comprehensive support and technical knowledge for all your community building heating and cooling needs.

In this issue, we focus on Frederick County, Maryland. Frederick County started a contract with APG five years ago after deciding they wanted to find a distributor that could specify and design Mitsubishi Electric’s Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems. In the below Q+A, you’ll hear directly from the county’s facilities department on the benefits of working with an HVAC distributor long-term.

Why was APG selected for a county-wide partnership? 

The county contract was competitively bid. Based on Frederick County’s parameters, Mitsubishi Electric was identified as the only brand that could meet its standards for HVAC. Aireco/APG made sense for the contract as a local distributor that carried Mitsubishi Electric products.

Why Mitsubishi Electric VRF?

County leadership decided on Mitsubishi Electric because of VRF’s flexibility. Office to office, user to user, VRF tends to reduce service calls for the “I’m too cold, I’m too hot” scenarios. Between the individual benefits, to the company’s patents on the two-pipe system, Mitsubishi Electric just met the needs of what we were looking for.

What does APG’s support look like for each project?

APG’s support varies by project. If it’s a smaller job and we’re doing the work in-house, Aireco will help us with the HVAC design from the beginning, match the loads, specify the equipment and so on. If we’re working on a larger building, with the Frederick Facilities Team acting as the mechanical subcontractor, Aireco will work with the mechanical engineer to help select and design the equipment to meet their load calculations. So there’s two ways we work with APG: 1. directly with us or 2. they work with the mechanical engineer on our behalf.

Who’s your APG contact?

We strictly work with Harold Bergman. Harold is very helpful with placing orders, tracking orders and working with architects and engineers. He is also particularly great in looking out for our interests. For example, if there’s an issue during the job he’ll say, “The engineer is trying to do this. Based on past experiences, here’s what I would do.” He’ll walk job sites with us, pick out equipment and prepare designs. He’s our sole-source guy for tech support and start-up.

Compared to previous contracts, how does your partnership with APG compare?

Before, we put out each project to bid. That can be difficult. What’s great about the contract is that if years down the road we have an issue, we know to call APG. Before we’d have to look back through all the project and start-up information. We’ve been happy with the experience and with the equipment. In fact, the best thing about Mitsubishi Electric is that we really haven’t had any issues. The reliability is a big thing for us.

Spotlight: Frederick County Projects

Frederick County’s Office of Facilities Maintenance works on all community buildings aside from educational facilities. Over the last five years, APG and Frederick County have worked on over 30 projects together, both small retrofits and large new construction. Below, we detail two recent projects.

Project Overview

Completed: March 2018
Description: New construction, public library designed by an architect/engineer
Square Footage: 15,000
Mitsubishi Electric Solution: CITY MULTI® VRF + Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS)
APG Support: Worked directly with mechanical engineer to select equipment to match load calculations and engineer’s specifications
Equipment List:

  • (5) R2-Series Outdoor Units
  • (3) PEFY-AF Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems w/ Reheat
  • (23) 4-Way Ceiling Cassettes
  • (10) Ceiling-Concealed Ducted Units
  • (1) AE-200 Centralized Controller

Project Overview

Completed: October 2018
Description: Retrofit, administration and public services facility
Square Footage: 10,000
Mitsubishi Electric Solution: CITY MULTI® VRF + Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS)
APG Support: Came onsite to assess and design the load, then specify equipment
Equipment List:

  • (3) R2-Series Outdoor Units
  • (1) PEFY-AF Dedicated Outdoor Air System w/ Reheat
  • (2) Wall-Mounted Indoor Units
  • (54) 4-Way Ceiling Cassettes
  • (1) AE-200 Centralized Controller

We’re proud to support our community through these local projects!
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