A Closer Look Into Training: Instructor and Student Q+A

For over five years, Aireco has offered comprehensive and hands-on training for Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating (Mitsubishi Electric) equipment. In this Q&A, find out the main benefits of enrolling in an Aireco course from the perspectives of a student and an instructor.


Q: What is the main benefit of taking one of these classes?
A: By completing these classes and getting familiar with how a Mitsubishi Electric system operates, you know the first step. You know how it’s supposed to work so you can figure out where it’s going off the rails. In these classes, you get more familiar with the equipment, so, it’s a little less intimidating when you go to install it or service it.

Q: How do you structure the classes?
A: We like to mix as much hands-on instruction as we can with the lecture side of things so students get a better understanding. For the CITY MULTI® class, we also spend time on system design.

Q: Who can take these classes?
A: HVAC technicians, estimators, those doing specifications, engineers…anybody is welcome.

Q: What’s been a popular class topic?
A: One of the biggest mysteries to most students is how one system can heat and cool at the same time, one of the biggest advantages to CITY MULTI heat recovery VRF. We review the refrigerant circuit and we have an animated flow diagram that explains how the system works.

Q: Best takeaway from the class?
A: The biggest advantage we have is backing up the class with local support. I give everybody in the class my card – they have my email and phone number. If they get in a pinch, they can call me, or if necessary, I can swing by the job.



Q: What has your experience been like taking Aireco classes?
A: The instructors knew what they were talking about and everyone was free to ask questions. [We] also got some hands-on experience with the equipment. My time spent there was valuable.

Q: How have you applied your class knowledge to real-life situations?
A: Literally, the week after [the class], I had an issue with CITY MULTI equipment and had to go out and diagnose a system. I actually had to use the software we were taught to use to diagnose the equipment.

Q: What’s a topic Aireco covered that’s proved to be really beneficial?
A: Learning about the Diamond Builder’s System has been a huge benefit to me and that was something Tim [Kemp] actually explained in class…the diagnostic tool for Mitsubishi Electric systems as well.

Q: Have you ever contacted the instructor post-class?
A: I’ve actually contacted him a couple different times regarding Mitsubishi [Electric] equipment. Tim is really knowledgeable and the backup support is a huge advantage.