Targeted Comfort With MVZ Multi-Position Air Handler

_0vBS6eF-jVi0cIxB9BGJWnT0m6fbOPBim7TF5u1ilbXD0tK2gm4BG0MoE33CqhrNrx6eQQ6pw_nRbrNsNME7XgyNoY84XcwD5v_y4R0zwJp8eLE-K__JO3ApqRwN97PlWyq2iueE8VUK00MNlgsFkk-gQGHT2O1-zZlskk=s0-d-e1-ftThis month, Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating (Mitsubishi Electric), introduced the MVZ multi-position air handling unit. Without question, the highlight of this product is its flexibility and versatility. The unit is truly multi-positional – offering up, down, left or right flow – making it ideal for tight and unique spaces. MVZ’s impressive heating capacity also makes it a sensible replacement for traditional fuel and furnace heating systems. The space demanded by a bulky furnace is easily reclaimed by MVZ’s compact design; it can be hidden in a closet or basement corner, while its small, non-invasive piping can run seamlessly throughout the space.Read More