Versatile VRF

With the ever-changing commercial buildings of today, when choosing an HVAC system, system versatility is key. To get the most out of an HVAC investment, your customers will need systems that can meet their building’s needs today and anticipate what will be needed in the future. At Aireco Advanced Products Group (APG) we have full confidence specifying Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems as they offer versatility for any job. Below, we highlight three benefits of these superior systems.

Full Range of Unit Styles
Whether your project is Class A office space, a multifamily building or a hotel, you need to cater to aesthetic preferences. You will also need to account for the equipment’s footprint and ductwork to give owners as much leasable space as possible. No worries! Systems like Mitsubishi Electric’s CITY MULTI® have a broad range of indoor units, ducted or ductless that can accommodate any space, style or aesthetic.

Add on Systems Easily
As businesses grow and expand, they may find themselves in a position to add on to their building, whether it be through new construction or renovating a space next to their current facility. With conventional systems, this is often very difficult and adds more time and expense to the construction timeline. VRF’s small, two-pipe system requires minimal, if any ductwork, which makes unit additions simple and streamlined. Not to mention, third-party equipment and unit additions can be easily added to VRF controls, ensuring the building’s comfort can be managed from a single interface.

Custom Controls Offerings
Many VRF manufacturers offer comprehensive system controls services, such as Mitsubishi Electric’s Solutions Group. From the start of a job, these teams can help determine the best controls package for a facility, allowing ease of use and efficiency for facility managers and building owners. This is especially helpful for multifamily buildings where custom tenant billing solutions may be required.

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