Ventilation and Building Automation Products from Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating is known for its high-performance Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems, but they also provide top-of-the-line ventilation equipment and controls as well. At Advanced Products Group (APG), we have hands-on experience specifying and designing with these products in mind and can speak to their effectiveness and superior performance.

Lossnay® Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV)

ERVs recover energy from stale exhaust air to preheat or precool incoming outside air. This is an energy-efficient way to precondition fresh air as it enters a building and reduce its impact on heating and cooling loads. The Lossnay ERV uses a cross-flow energy exchange core to prevent inbound air and exhaust air from mixing while crossing airflows.

  • Fully compatible with the Mitsubishi Electric AE-200A, AE-50A, and EW-50A Centralized Controllers
  • Compliant with LonWorks® and BACnet® interfaces
  • Additional dampers and adapters are not needed. Automatic mode allows the system to select recovery or bypass as required
  • Multi-functional LCD Remote Controller has a streamlined interface and can easily control Lossnay modes, fan speed and interlock operations.

PremiSys® Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) Family

PremiSys and PremiSys Fusion are premier solutions for conditioning outside air for commercial buildings. Designed to handle 100% of outdoor air with optional energy recovery, these systems offer premium features ideal for handling ventilation air in VRF applications.

  • A factory-mounted variable frequency drive (VFD) for supply air volume control and an onboard microprocessor system allow for better temperature and humidity control
  • Pre-engineered features provide semi-custom flexibility while maintaining the quality, consistency and value of the product
  • PremiSys systems allow you to take advantage of a split-system design and improve application flexibility
  • Multiple filter options available including MERV 8, 13 or a combination MERV 8/13

Diamond Controls™ Solutions

Diamond Controls is designed to streamline facility management and provides unprecedented levels of control over individual buildings and multiple buildings, whether located on a single site or across multiple locations. With VRF systems being specified in both new construction and retrofit projects, it’s likely you’ll need a building automation system that can handle all types of equipment. With Diamond Controls, you can integrate multiple mechanical systems, regardless of manufacturer, into a single interface.

  • Optimize efficiency through scheduling to maximize a building’s performance and minimize energy usage
  • With remote access and control, facility monitoring is remarkably simple. Use a laptop or tablet to manage comfort from anywhere
  • Diamond Controls software is secure, customizable, upgradable and scalable for your project’s needs. Advanced authentication ensures safety
  • New Diamond Controls Advanced Integration Panels offer custom application solutions within a pre-engineered panel

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