The Solution for Any Hotel: VRF

At Aireco Advanced Products Group (APG), we’re proud to offer Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems. We stand behind their performance and effectiveness as an energy-efficient HVAC solution for any application. In particular, VRF systems are ideal for hotels and lodging venues. Whether new construction, retrofit or a historical renovation project, VRF technology provides many benefits for the hospitality industry. We detail a few below:

VRF systems like Mitsubishi Electric’s CITY MULTI® line only utilize two small pipes to condition a space or zone. Whether you choose ducted or ductless indoor units, you can select the equipment that minimizes disturbance to your space, saving equipment and labor costs. This feature is especially favorable for historic retrofit hotels where changes to the structure and facade must be limited.

Design Flexibility
Hotel developers generally seek to maximize usable space for guests but they also have to account for a multitude of mechanical systems. With VRF, both the indoor and outdoor units are more compact than traditional systems and they don’t require as much ductwork. This can be the difference in using a whole rooftop for ventilation and HVAC equipment or being able to offer rooftop amenities like a pool, bar or restaurant.

Personalized Comfort and Control
Everyone has a different definition of comfort. To keep guests happy, HVAC systems must accommodate a variety of different temperatures be it guest room to guest room or variances between the hotel restaurant and conference rooms. The good news is that VRF systems with heat recovery can shift heat from zones in cooling mode to zones requiring heat. Not only does this efficiency save utility costs, but it helps hotels offer personalized comfort to guests.

VRF manufacturers also offer comprehensive building controls to help facility managers seamlessly supervise HVAC across a whole hotel. These systems, like Mitsubishi Electric’s Diamond Controls™ Solutions, can be customized to integrate with hotel management software. This opens opportunities to increase service and efficiency by configuring the HVAC system to change the set point when a visitor checks in.

In general, hotel HVAC is changing and for the better! There’s widespread adoption of VRF technology in the hospitality industry because it’s proven to be an effective and flexible solution for developers and hotel owners. As engineer Timothy Chatterton noted in the project profile below on the Cambria Hotel, “People don’t want to do PTACs anymore. Other hotels are starting to adopt VRF and developers don’t want to get left behind on this trend.”