Precise Comfort in Historical Applications

historic_applications_picWhen it opened in the mid-1890s, the Bird-Brady House was a residence for teachers at Storer College in Harpers Ferry. Today, the Bird-Brady House serves as the office space for the National Parks Department. To adapt the century-old building into a modern office space while preserving the historical aesthetic, the project team selected a Mitsubishi Electric VRF system provided by APG.


Nelson Tyler, CEO, Tyler Service Solutions, Ijamsville, Maryland, and his team worked to install a CITY MUTLI® system in the Bird-Brady House offices to better control the humidity – prevalent in this riverbed township – and to account for varying temperatures in the Appalachian foothills. The system included two outdoor condensers, each attached to eight air handlers, which created 16 customizable zones within the office. Nelson said, “Some people want cooler air in one office and more temperate air in the next. Some offices face the sun all day, but it cools dramatically outside in the evenings. A lot of systems are not that versatile; they can’t accommodate that. The INVERTER-driven compressors really allow you to offer more cooling in the daytime hours and less, as needed, in the evenings.”

What made Mitsubishi Electric the ideal product for this application was its two-pipe system. With an historic renovation, less-intrusive systems help to preserve the original structure. Nelson said, “When you use a three-pipe system, it’s just a larger hole you have to drill. Two-pipe let’s you be more precise. It was almost a surgical installation and that was necessary to make sure we didn’t disrupt the original structure.”

Nelson and his field personnel were particularly pleased about working with Brian Maddrey and the team at APG. “They offer a superb training, so we were well-prepared to install and service the system. Because of our high-quality installation, APG was even able to help us extend the warranty on the system from seven to 10 years, but it’s been problem-free since we completed the installation.”