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COVID-19 Update

To our industry partners: as we are living in unprecedented times, we feel it’s important to address COVID-19 to keep you, and by extension your customers, informed on the state of our business. Our goal is to keep operations as normal as possible while demonstrating the utmost care and concern for our customers’ health and safety.

A few notes:

  • Aireco and its subsidiaries are considered essential businesses. We are here to ensure all projects are up and running and your customers are comfortable while most of us are spending extended periods inside.
  • We have implemented safe practices with our staff to limit gatherings of people.
  • We have inventory in stock and are working closely with our manufacturer partners for anything backordered.

Overall, we are here for you during this time. If you have any project needs, questions or concerns, please email

Versatile VRF

With the ever-changing commercial buildings of today, when choosing an HVAC system, system versatility is key. To get the most out of an HVAC investment, your customers will need systems that can meet their building’s needs today and anticipate what will be needed in the future. At Aireco Advanced Products Group (APG) we have full confidence specifying Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems as they offer versatility for any job. Below, we highlight three benefits of these superior systems.

Full Range of Unit Styles
Whether your project is Class A office space, a multifamily building or a hotel, you need to cater to aesthetic preferences. You will also need to account for the equipment’s footprint and ductwork to give owners as much leasable space as possible. No worries! Systems like Mitsubishi Electric’s CITY MULTI® have a broad range of indoor units, ducted or ductless that can accommodate any space, style or aesthetic.

Add on Systems Easily
As businesses grow and expand, they may find themselves in a position to add on to their building, whether it be through new construction or renovating a space next to their current facility. With conventional systems, this is often very difficult and adds more time and expense to the construction timeline. VRF’s small, two-pipe system requires minimal, if any ductwork, which makes unit additions simple and streamlined. Not to mention, third-party equipment and unit additions can be easily added to VRF controls, ensuring the building’s comfort can be managed from a single interface.

Custom Controls Offerings
Many VRF manufacturers offer comprehensive system controls services, such as Mitsubishi Electric’s Solutions Group. From the start of a job, these teams can help determine the best controls package for a facility, allowing ease of use and efficiency for facility managers and building owners. This is especially helpful for multifamily buildings where custom tenant billing solutions may be required.

For more information about VRF or Mitsubishi Electric, please contact
APG at

Comfort, Control and Efficiency for Walbrook Mill Apartments

Originally known as Walbrook Mill and Lumber Co., the new Walbrook Mill Apartment Complex is continuing to serve Baltimore’s Coppin Heights community, where the original building operated for over 95 years.

The new, mixed-use complex provides affordable and market-rate apartment rentals and houses retail space for Coppin Heights residents. For this project, building ownership required mechanical systems that were easy to manage, energy efficient and had varying indoor unit options. Together, the APG team, engineer CC Johnson & Malhotra (CCJM) and contractor King Mechanical specified Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology from Mitsubishi Electric. Below, we talk with Matt Kemp, general manager, APG, about the project and why VRF was an ideal selection.

Tell us a little about the building and what systems were selected.

The building is a new construction, mixed-use development with retail and living space. Mitsubishi Electric’s CITY MULTI VRF system is used in the common areas and retail spaces. The M- and P-Series product lines are installed in the residential units. In addition, we have a PremiSys® DOAS unit bringing in fresh air and Mitsubishi Electric controls. This project definitely showcases their breadth of products.

What are the major benefits of VRF for this building?

All the equipment “speaks the same language” from a communications standpoint. This is super helpful for the owners and operators of the building. They have full comfort control from a single interface and can easily help tenants as needed. Plus you’re reaping the efficiency benefits of VRF systems which is a big draw for tenants.

What are some other unique features associated with Mitsubishi Electric VRF?

One of the best things about choosing VRF technology is that it’s flexible, in a multitude of ways. For example, as time goes on and new retailers come in, building ownership can actually expand their HVAC system very easily with VRF. This is super helpful if a future retailer needs to rearrange the layout of the space. In addition, VRF systems are flexible in that there are many different indoor unit options to fit a variety of needs. In this building, tenant units have ducted air handlers and common areas have ceiling cassettes. You can adjust the system to work for your preferences.

Equipment List:

  • (2) R2-Series Outdoor Units
  • (65) P-Series Single-Zone Heat Pumps
  • (4) PKFY Wall-Mounted Indoor Units
  • (3) PLFY Four-Way Ceiling Cassettes
  • (3) PEFY Ceiling-Concealed Ducted Indoor Units
  • (65) PVA Multi-Position Air Handlers
  • (1) PremiSys DOAS
  • (65) Wired MA Remote Controllers
  • (6) Simple MA Remote Controllers

New Controls Offerings from Mitsubishi Electric!

Mitsubishi Electric has announced exciting new additions to their comprehensive line of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) controls solutions. When your customers choose Mitsubishi Electric VRF technology, whether out-of-the-box or a custom innovation, you know you’ve provided a solution sure to please. At Aireco Advanced Products Group (APG), we pride ourselves on solving industry-wide problems with quality products and deep expertise.

Building Connect+
Need a building solution that’s more than a standard controls offering but less than a full-scale building automation system (BAS)? Building Connect+ has you covered! Ideal for light commercial and multifamily applications, the web-based portal gives you a single location for managing trends, alarms and schedules. You can also give specific levels of access to approved users.


  • On-site panel auto-discovers both Mitsubishi Electric and third-party equipment.
  • Connect up to 50 CITY MULTI® indoor units, 5 BACnet® devices and 8 hardwired devices.
  • Web-based portal reduces commissioning time along with initial installation and pairing costs.
  • Maintenance tool data available in same browser.
  • Two-factor user authentication for secure cloud access.

Learn more at

kumo touch™
A new controls interface is now available for M-Series, P-Series and CITY MULTI equipment! This wall-mounted wireless remote controller with touchscreen operation provides complete control of comfort. kumo touch can be used with the kumo cloud® mobile app and web service or as a standalone wall controller.


  • User-friendly commands such as on/off, mode, set point, fan speed and vane direction make comfort management easy.
  • Features a backlit touchscreen for effortless programing and scheduling.
  • Wireless unit allows contractors to install the controller in areas without wiring access.

Learn more at

Custom Controls Solution for Ame at Meridian Hill Apartments

The project and development team associated with the new Ame at Meridian Hill Apartments (Ame), has breathed new life into the historic building. Dating back to 1942, the building originally provided housing for female workers during World War II. And for nearly 50 years, the building served as a dormitory for Howard University Students. Now, ownership Jair Lynch Real Estate Partners and management, Bozzuto, have refreshed the facility, transforming it into a luxury multifamily space featuring 200 tenant units.

In modernizing the building, the ownership wanted to ensure all mechanical systems were efficient and tenants could be billed for their energy use separately. After consulting with with APG and mechanical contractor Charles A. Klein & Sons, Inc., they had an HVAC solution: CITY MULTI® Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology from Mitsubishi Electric with Diamond Controls™ solutions.

We spoke with Tierre James and Dan Wineke of the Mitsubishi Electric Controls Solutions Team to learn more about the project’s custom controls offering.

What was Ame’s ownership seeking in terms of a controls solution and what was specified?

DW: The building owner wanted to be able to use energy allocation to bill tenants for their individual electrical use. This is a huge benefit for management companies. In addition, they wanted remote access to the system.

TJ: From what we understand, this capability was the driver of the sale. Having the ability to manage each apartment and see it remotely was a selling point for our Diamond Controls. For reference, in this building we have 16 AE-200A Centralized Controllers and four additional ones strictly used for tenant billing. Residents use our Wired MAs to control their spaces.

How has this solution benefited the facilities staff? 

DW: Prior to this building update with Diamond Controls, the facilities team had to physically walk into the electrical closet on the upper floor of the building if there was a complaint and figure out any issues from there. Now at this time, we have a full-blown building automation system (BAS) doing energy allocation. From just a computer, they can access any unit, any room in the building and we’re trending this information through the BAS system. This is actually also helpful for the leasing office. Staff can easily login to the space and see what’s going on for quick fixes.

What are some custom functions you programmed into the controls on this building? 

DW: There’s two specialty functions we did on this job. We have programming on the Centralized Controller that sets a minimum and maximum set point. If the temperature breaks that threshold then the units turn themselves on or off to counteract too low or too high of a temperature. This helps protect the building from freezing or overheating. Secondly, we have a function on the thermostats for setback. This keeps the units running but widens the high and low temperature set points in a space. This function is helpful for scheduling during the day and night and is a safety net for the building owner and facility manager to ensure residents stay comfortable.

TJ: With Diamond Controls, we can also set up alarms for the facilities team to notify them of any units or zones that are having issues.

How is your experience working with APG? 

DW: Aireco APG is a great distributor for us. We have quite a few projects ongoing with them. They have a great team and knowledgeable staff. Plus, they are actively trying to promote Diamond Controls on each job.

TJ: That’s of huge benefit to us because we know we have a customized solution that helps anticipate our customers’ needs. In the last year, we’ve received a ton of requests for energy allocation. It started to become very big in the New York City area and now appears to be spreading throughout the country at a rapid pace.
To learn more about Mitsubishi Electric’s solutions offerings, contact APG at