Condition Rooms Better, Faster with Rapid Heat Technology

MFZ-KJThe Advanced Products Group (APG), a division of Aireco Supply, Inc., proudly introduces the latest innovation in zoned comfort solutions from Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating (Mitsubishi Electric): the MFZ-KJ floor-mounted indoor unit (KJ Series).

The KJ is a slim, clean indoor unit that gets placed against a wall. It can alternatively be recessed into the wall for minimal obtrusion. In both cases, that slim look makes the KJ a versatile solution for comfort needs and interior design wants.

The KJ also showcases Rapid Heat technology, which efficiently circulates air to quickly raise room temperatures – ideal for cooler months. Rapid Heat releases air downward to recirculate through the heat exchanger. The air is reheated and quickly released again to heat a room more quickly. That heated air is then circulated around the space using a multi-flow vane technology. These airflow advancements are especially useful in drafty rooms, as the air can be directed both upward and downward simultaneously to quickly and effectively condition the room.



Other features include:

  • Higher SEER (up to 28.5) and HSPF (up to 13) efficiency ratings than the competition.
  • Operates with 25 percent less power than competing models.
  • Air distribution is 10 percent higher than the competition.

Many of the products provided by APG offer professionals flexibility and versatility. The KJ is the newest choice in that lineup.