Comfort, Control and Efficiency for Walbrook Mill Apartments

Originally known as Walbrook Mill and Lumber Co., the new Walbrook Mill Apartment Complex is continuing to serve Baltimore’s Coppin Heights community, where the original building operated for over 95 years.

The new, mixed-use complex provides affordable and market-rate apartment rentals and houses retail space for Coppin Heights residents. For this project, building ownership required mechanical systems that were easy to manage, energy efficient and had varying indoor unit options. Together, the APG team, engineer CC Johnson & Malhotra (CCJM) and contractor King Mechanical specified Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology from Mitsubishi Electric. Below, we talk with Matt Kemp, general manager, APG, about the project and why VRF was an ideal selection.

Tell us a little about the building and what systems were selected.

The building is a new construction, mixed-use development with retail and living space. Mitsubishi Electric’s CITY MULTI VRF system is used in the common areas and retail spaces. The M- and P-Series product lines are installed in the residential units. In addition, we have a PremiSys® DOAS unit bringing in fresh air and Mitsubishi Electric controls. This project definitely showcases their breadth of products.

What are the major benefits of VRF for this building?

All the equipment “speaks the same language” from a communications standpoint. This is super helpful for the owners and operators of the building. They have full comfort control from a single interface and can easily help tenants as needed. Plus you’re reaping the efficiency benefits of VRF systems which is a big draw for tenants.

What are some other unique features associated with Mitsubishi Electric VRF?

One of the best things about choosing VRF technology is that it’s flexible, in a multitude of ways. For example, as time goes on and new retailers come in, building ownership can actually expand their HVAC system very easily with VRF. This is super helpful if a future retailer needs to rearrange the layout of the space. In addition, VRF systems are flexible in that there are many different indoor unit options to fit a variety of needs. In this building, tenant units have ducted air handlers and common areas have ceiling cassettes. You can adjust the system to work for your preferences.

Equipment List:

  • (2) R2-Series Outdoor Units
  • (65) P-Series Single-Zone Heat Pumps
  • (4) PKFY Wall-Mounted Indoor Units
  • (3) PLFY Four-Way Ceiling Cassettes
  • (3) PEFY Ceiling-Concealed Ducted Indoor Units
  • (65) PVA Multi-Position Air Handlers
  • (1) PremiSys DOAS
  • (65) Wired MA Remote Controllers
  • (6) Simple MA Remote Controllers