CITY MULTI® for Grow Facilities

The legal marijuana market is expected to be worth $146.4 billion USD by 2025 and grow facilities are in high demand. With a multitude of medical uses and applications, companies like MariMed Advisors, a marijuana business consultant, are on the rise, helping growers legally design, develop and operate medical cannabis cultivation centers and dispensaries.

One of their latest developments is Kind Therapeutics USA, a grow facility located in Hagerstown, Maryland. While the building has diverse humidity and zoning requirements, mechanical contractor CARE Services Inc., based out of Williamsport, Maryland, knew CITY MULTI Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) from Mitsubishi Electric was a complementary system for the project. Below, the mechanical contractor explains why they specified CITY MULTI and the support they received from APG.

Why was Mitsubishi Electric VRF specified? 

From a system standpoint, we needed versatility. It’s a 130,000-square-foot, three-story building with two floors used for growing. We could not use ductwork and CITY MULTI VRF was an ideal system. We used a mix of the ceiling-concealed units and the wall-mounted indoor units.

The original plans actually called for a third-party VRF system. That brand had an equipment ship time of six to eight weeks and at the last minute, the first mechanical contractor could no longer work on the job. When MariMed Advisors called us for support, I immediately contacted Michael Stewart and Brian Maddrey from APG. We planned out the equipment and they put together a submittal package for me. Based on the success of other CITY MULTI projects we had done together, I suggested Mitsubishi Electric VRF to Kind Therapeutics. With equipment stocked at the Atlanta headquarters, we were able to get the product in a matter of days.

How was Mitsubishi Electric VRF favorable for this type of application? 

Certain strands of marijuana require specific amounts of humidity; certain strands require different temperatures. With VRF’s individual temperature settings, every area can have its own designated climate and comfort level. The zoning capabilities have been very beneficial in this application. In fact, we even installed Mitsubishi Electric units in areas that were not initially designed to be a part of the grow facility – like storage rooms. They’ve turned these different areas into part of the growing application and Kind Therapeutics has had even greater yields.

Ultimately, what equipment was installed?

We installed 88 indoor units and six condensing units in 2017. The building was fully operational in 2018 but they started growing the plants in 2017. As for controls, Kind Therapeutics has the AE-200A Centralized Controller and the Simple MAs for various rooms. A third-party ERV provides fresh air to the non-grow areas of the facility. Everything has been working great and the staff are happy with the individual controls and temperature settings.

How does APG provide technical support?

I may sound biased, but CARE Services is a Diamond Contractor® and we have been working with Mitsubishi Electric HVAC equipment since 2006. That said, the biggest benefit for me working on a CITY MULTI application happens to be their distributor, APG. The support I get from Tim Kemp, Matt Kemp, Brian and Mike is unparalleled. If I have a question, a problem, a concern, I get an answer. For instance, during the construction phase, I called up Brian to do a walk through, just to make sure we had another set of eyes on the project and he was there.

Every project I’ve ever done with APG, they’ve always had my back, no matter what.

METUS Equipment Installed:

  • (6) R2-Series Heat Recovery Outdoor Units
  • (42) PKFY Wall-Mounted Indoors Units
  • (46) PLFY Four-Way Ceiling Cassettes
  • (69) Simple MA Remote Controllers
  • (1) AE-200A Centralized Controller