Celebrating 2016: Great Projects, Products and Training

As 2016 comes to a close, the Advanced Products Group (APG), a division of Aireco Supply, Inc., celebrates the year’s many successes. Keep reading for an overview of APG’s happenings this year.


ae-200aThe AE-200A Centralized Controller from Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating (Mitsubishi Electric) is the most capable controller for facility managers and building owners. It combines the power of a touch-screen interface with the remote capabilities of a web browser. The AE-200A advances the functionality of building control and maximizes efficiency – letting users monitor, schedule and control up to 50 indoor units. The controller also has direct access to the BACnet® building management system, providing users an increased data set, energy management and energy allocation points.

mfz-kjMitsubishi Electric’s MFZ-KJ Series floor-mounted unit is a slim, clean indoor unit that gets placed against a wall or recessed into the wall for minimal obtrusion. The slim look makes the KJ a versatile solution for comfort needs and interior design wants. The unit also showcases Rapid Heat technology, which efficiently circulates air to quickly raise room temperatures – ideal for cooler months. Other features include a SEER rating of up to 28.5 and HSPF rating of up to 13; it also operates with 25 percent less power and has an air distribution that is 10 percent higher than competing models.

mvzThe MVZ multi-position ducted air handler from Mitsubishi Electric is ideal for a whole-home solution. MVZ’s impressive heating capacity also makes it a sensible replacement for traditional fuel and furnace heating systems. The air handler’s multi-position design and superior air coverage minimizes the space needed for a unit without sacrificing easy accessibility or functionality. The space demanded by a bulky furnace is easily reclaimed by MVZ’s compact design; it can be hidden in a closet or basement corner, while its small, non-invasive piping can run seamlessly throughout the space.

zoomlockThe ZoomLock™ from Sporlan, a division of Parker Hannifin, is a new braze-free fitting that is engineered for high-pressure copper refrigeration connections. The leak-free and secure seal ensures quality performance in a variety of commercial, residential and industrial applications. At the core of ZoomLock’s success is an exclusive, patented crimping technology that simplifies and speeds up the task of manually brazing copper joints. Sporlan estimates that their fittings install up to 77 percent faster than brazing.

premisysMitsubishi Electric’s PremiSys® Fusion Dedicated Outside Air System is a premier split-system solution for acclimatizing outside air for commercial buildings. Energy-efficiency improvements of up to 20 percent over a traditional dedicated outside air system help provide payback in as little as 18 months. Further benefits include pre-engineering that provides semi-custom flexibility and humidity control via room-neutral conditions. The system also contributes to LEED® points.

city_multiMitsubishi Electric’s CITY MULTI® S-Series (PUMY) units are perfect for light commercial and residential applications. The PUMY system continuously provides airflow to maintain occupant comfort due to an INVERTER-driven compressor, and the units also enable zoning and can integrate with ventilation systems. Its single-phase power provides easy installation and the unit’s compact dimensions and easy accessibility allow multiple units to be placed side-by-side in tight areas, saving space and resources.



trainingEvery year, APG offers a variety of HVAC training classes. We host monthly training sessions at facilities located in Laurel, Maryland; Richmond, Virginia; Arlington, Virginia; and our newest center in Newport News, Virginia. All training programs are manufacturer-certified and taught by Aireco service personnel. This year, courses included CITY MULTI Service School, Diamond Designer, M&P Service School and Owner Training and Pre-Construction.

“Quality, local technical support and training is the key to a successful project. We were excited to offer over 8,000 training hours this year because our customers clearly understand the role of knowledge in distinguishing themselves from their competition,” said Matt Kemp, general manager, APG.

Interested in attending a class? Check the footer of this newsletter for upcoming course offerings and dates.



Throughout 2016, APG provided a variety of HVAC solutions to local businesses, schools, museums and public service departments. Here are quick looks at some of those stories, highlighting just how versatile Mitsubishi Electric VRF is across multiple markets:

Anne Arundel Police Headquarters, Millersville, Maryland, went the spot-solution route and replaced their outdated and hard-to-control HVAC system with VRF. The new system now allows better zone control throughout the building.

burton_centerThe Burton Center for Arts & Technology in Salem, Virginia, renovated one-third of its buildings with VRF, placing the technology in areas where comfort control would be prized most highly, such as administrative offices.

The Corcoran Art Gallery at George Washington University, Washington, D.C., selected VRF when they needed a solution to cool and heat their new classrooms. The new HVAC system offered an easy installation, flexible design – and most of all – individualized zone control.

museumFire departments located throughout Maryland such as Station 10 Cabin John, Montgomery County; Thurmont Community Ambulance Services, Inc.; and Hughesville Volunteer, all renovated their facilities with VRF for needs such as better zone control, energy efficiency and lower utility bills. With this technology in their facilities, the firefighters are now able to work comfortably for many long hours at a time and even in the coldest and warmest of weather.

The National Museum of African American History and Culture, Washington, D.C., selected VRF to serve its electrical and telecom spaces because this technology met the needs of the building and helped earn energy optimization points toward LEED certification.

2016 was a great year at APG and we look forward to all of the projects, training and products to come in 2017! Happy holidays from our team to yours.