Towson City Center

An excellent example of how APG’s high-performance HVAC systems have solved unique building needs is the Towson City Center installation.

Towson City Center Towson City Center

About Towson City Center:

  • Towson City Center is a 15-story office high-rise that was built in the heart of downtown Towson.
  • The building was closed in 2002 and declared a sick building due to alleged ventilation issues.
  • In 2012, the building was renovated with a new glass curtain wall façade and the mechanical and electrical systems were replaced.


  • The original design featured an extremely low deck height of 10-feet-6-inches instead of a typical 14-foot space between floors so there was less than nine feet of clearance for each floor
  • An HVAC solution that required significant ductwork was not an option
  • The project team had its sights set on LEED Certification, which meant selecting the best HVAC system for the tower that helped them succeed in meeting the critical environment and indoor air quality standards required for certification


  • The indoor units’ low-profile (9-7/8-inch) is half the height of a conventional system and helped overcome the height limitations posed by the low decks
  • The compact 15 outdoor units fit entirely on the roof, freeing up the entire 12,000-square-foot 13th floor that had been the mechanical room for usable storage space
  • Seventy percent of the shaft space needed by the outdated system was filled-in, significantly increasing the leasing square footage available on each floor


  • LEED Silver Certification (the Mitsubishi Electric VRF zoning system earned 11 points)
  • $421,999 rebate through Baltimore Gas & Electric’s Smart Energy Savers Program®