The Covenant School

APG’s expertise in all things HVAC provided just the right solution in the installation of an up-to-date heating system for The Covenant School.

The Covenant School The Covenant School The Covenant School

About The Covenant School:

  • In Charlottesville, Virginia, The Covenant School was founded thirty years ago
  • The lower school is housed in a 65,000-square foot historic brick building built in 1935
  • With a noticeably outdated boiler system, The Covenant School had been in need of a new heating system


  • Selecting an HVAC system that provided reliable operation and increased control over comfort.
  • 60-day installation over the summer while students were away and to ensure that the system would be completely functional at the beginning of the school year.
  • Due to the building’s age, a proposed system has to be able to handle certain construction constraints


  • Installation of a Mitsubishi Electric VRF system
  • Installed 49 indoor units, three sets of twinned outdoor units, two sets on the roof serving 40 indoor units, and one set on the ground serving nine units


  • Year-round comfort, discreet operation, and drastically improved indoor air quality
  • VRF system is additionally beneficial in the wintertime, keeping those who occupy the building comfortable
  • Roughly a 40 percent in electrical consumption during post removal of window-mounted air conditioning units