Burton Center for Arts & Technology

APG’s quick installation of high-performance HVAC systems solved The Burton Center for Arts & Technology (BCAT)’s building needs in order to provide comfort and satisfy occupants.

Burton Center for Arts & Technology Burton Center for Arts & Technology Burton Center for Arts & Technology

About the Burton Center for Arts & Technology:

BCAT supports approximately 800 high school students on its Salem, Virginia, campus

The school’s main building is 20,000 square feet of offices and classrooms

Some of BCAT was air conditioned by window units, whereas some locations didn’t provide air conditioning at all


Installing an energy efficient HVAC system that provided occupants with year-round comfort

Roughly a month timeframe to complete installation between the end of summer camps and the beginning of fall classes

Finding a system that allows for temperature control within an individual room


Installation of a Mitsubishi Electric VRF system

Mitsubishi Electric VRF system requires only two refrigerant lines, decreasing materials cost and cost of labor


Expedient installation preventing any disruption of the center’s operations

Improved occupant comfort, leading to increased satisfaction

Individual control allows for reduction in consumption, leading to improved sustainability